Anderson Double Casement Window - Unit Size Table

* Available as basic size unit, refer to the casement basic size table. 
• “Unit Dimension” always refers to outside frame to frame dimension. 
• For hinging and combinations other than shown, contact your Anderson Supplier. 
• Dimensions in parentheses are in millimeters. 
• When ordering, be sure to specify color desired, white, Sandtone or Terratone®. 

Venting Configuration
Hinging shown on size table is standard. 
Specify left, right, or stationary, as viewed from the outside. 
For other hinging of multiple units, contact your local supplier.

Joining of Casement and Awning Units
The similar jamb configuration of Anderson® Casement and Awning Windows enable them to be combined in an almost infinite number of window combinations. Only a few of the combinations are shown here.
Specially-milled jamb fillers, exterior trim strips, and inside mullion/transom casings provide a complete finished look for window combinations.
Casement and Awning Windows can be joined horizontally to create ribbons, stacked vertically to create columns, or linked in both directions to establish curtain wall effects. Combinations shown on the following pages are designed with the Anderson narrow wood joining system, or Anderson aluminum or steel reinforced joining members available in lengths up to 12' 6".