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Anderson Windows General Installation Information

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Importance of Proper Installation

To get the most from your Anderson products, proper installation and maintenance are a must. To help ensure that you and your clients realize all of the benefits of Anderson® windows and doors, we’ve provided some general recommendations for installing these products. Written installation instructions which provide guidelines for proper installation are also available for Anderson products from your local Anderson supplier, or by writing to Anderson Corporation, Box 12, Bayport, MN 55003. Remember that every installation is different, and Anderson strongly recommends consultation with an experienced contractor, architect, or structural engineer prior to the installation of any Anderson product. Installation of Anderson products is the sole responsibility of the architect, building owner, contractor and/or consumer.

General Installation Recommendations

With the exception of skylights and roof windows, Anderson products should be installed only in the vertical position.

  1. Frame the opening properly ensuring that it is level, plumb, and square.
  2. Make sure that the opening is properly dimensioned and that the selected unit will fit.
  3. When installing the units, make sure that the sills and heads are level and the jambs are plumb. Shim when necessary.
  4. Make sure that the unit is square in the opening before anchoring it to the wall.
  5. Fill all voids between the jambs and the framing with loose insulation. Do not overpack.
  6. Allow 1/4-inch minimum for a sealant joint around the perimeter of the unit between the exterior finish material and the unit itself.
  7. Protect the unit by finishing or painting any exposed wood members promptly, but avoid doing so when the humidity is high.
  8. Keep paint off of the weatherstripping and the interior hardware finish. If paint gets on these areas, use an appropriate remover that will not damage the finish or the weatherstrip material.
  9. Protect the complete unit during construction or plastering.
  10. Before applying any interior trim, make sure that the installation has been performed correctly and that the unit operates as specified.

NOTE: Information on window condensation is available in the Anderson booklet, "Condensation Answers from Anderson," publication #S-10.


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