Anderson Narroline 45° Bay Double Hung/Double Wide Double Hung Unit Size Table
1-8 Flanking Unit Size Table
2-0 Flanking Unit Size Table

* Projection is the measurement from the outside of the exterior sheathing to the outer
   edge of the unit. 
• One Anderson® cable support system is included with the unit for proper installation.
   Each cable within the cable support system can support a maximum load of 500 pounds.
   If the section of the window unit requiring support exceeds 500 pounds, additional
   support is necessary. 
• Angle bay windows are available in custom sizes, contact your local Anderson supplier
  for more information. 
• "Unit Dimension" always refers to outside frame to frame dimension. 
• Dimensions in parentheses are in millimeters. 

NOTE: Angle bay windows include only the basic unit. Roof and other installation materials are by other manufacturers. For walkout angle bay window details and installation instructions, contact your local Anderson supplier.
Narroline® units are available in white color only.